1 . Outdoor outlets and bathroom outlets not working ? Typically you find a GFI outlet in the garage or hall bathroom that controls these outlets . The GFI outlet has two buttons on it (test and reset ) . Push the reset button to restore power to those outlets.

2. Tripped breaker ? How to reset a tripped breaker ? Turn the breaker to the off position and then to on . If the breaker trips , you may need to call an electrician .

3. Flickering lights ? There can be several causes for flickering lights .

A) Faulty circuit breaker / main circuit breaker . Check your electrical panel to notice if there is any heat or odd burning odors. If so ,you should turn off that breaker(s) and call an electrician .

B) Meter base or power supply wires ? You can always call the local power company . They will come out for free to check your meter base .  The power company will advise if you need an electrician .

4. Lights dim when heat or A/C turns ? When this happens , I advise customers to call the power company to check your voltage . Many times there is  wire conductor problem on power company side .

5. Lights flickering or goes off completely in a room or area of your house . A lot of times the lights will come back on , but beware the problem will still exist . You should check outlet and switch plate for excessive heat . If there is heat , you need to turn off that circuit and call an electrician .

6. Many home owners like to replace their own GFI outlets . I get this call every month . "I wired it just like the old GFI and it will not work ". That is because the line an load wires may be different depending on the brand . Before removing the wires look at the label on the back of the GFI outlet , to make sure you don't get your wires crossed . Once again it is best to call an electrician for all of your electrical needs .